What We Do

Sukhdam Old Age Home

Share A Smile supports Sukhdam, an old age home, founded in 2004 in India, to help serve the destitute and orphaned seniors. At any given time, there approximately 28 orphaned elderly seniors residing at the home, some of whom are bedridden, or physically and visually challenged.

Sukhdam is free of cost to these seniors and is supported by volunteers and public donations. Our facilities for seniors include:

  1. Boarding and lodging
  2. Meals
  3. Medical care
  4. Physiotheraphy
  5. Vocational training
  6. Pilgrimage tours
  7. Transportation

Beneficiaries of Sukhdam are needy and primarily orphaned seniors. Sukhdam needs your help, support and encouragement to be able to reach out and take in more seniors.

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Meet the Seniors: Life of Suresh Baba ji and Ram Avtar Baba ji -- Life of Bhagwati Mataji -- Life of Leela Mata ji

Support A Senior Program

'Sukhdham' senior home in Delhi, India is the biggest beneficiary of Share A Smile Chicago's fundraising efforts. Sukhdham is a home for orphaned, ill and disabled seniors. Sukhdam gives them a chance to live a dignified life in their golden years in loving care.
Our “Support A Senior” program offers opportunity for you to contribute towards fulfilling the basic needs of abandoned seniors. For an amount of $600, you provide them access to food, medicines and medical care, clothing, bedding and toiletries to name a few for an ENTIRE YEAR. This donation is 100% tax deductible. You and your family & friends can join hands together to donate to this noble cause. Donate here

Meals on Wheels

Share A Smile, in conjunction with Barrington Area Council On Aging (BACOA), helps deliver hot and nutritious meals to support homebound seniors and people with disabilities, allowing them to live independently in their own homes with dignity and self respect.

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Monthly Senior Group Activity

Every month, our members open up their homes to engage seniors in our local community. We involve them in stimulating group activities such as yoga sessions, healthy lifestyle workshops, picnics and movies, tours and sightseeing, listening to motivational speakers, and laughter workshops, to name a few. These monthly activities help seniors come out of social isolation and foster connections in the process of having fun.

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Autumn Leaves (Memory Care Center)

Share A Smile volunteers, in conjunction with Autumn Leaves, spend time with residents who have memory impairments on a weekly basis to engage them in memory stimulating activities like board games, puzzles, and various exercises to improve their motor skills.

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Annual Share A Smile Fundraiser

Share A Smile annually organizes a fundraiser to raise funds to support all our charities. In the preceding years, in addition to Sukhdam, our fundraiser has contributed to the following welfare projects:

AIDs Orphans in Africa
Welfare Project in Rajasthan, India (Navjeevan Sanstan Center)
International Eye Care Foundation (Sankara)
Flood Relief in Haiti
Raise funds for
UNICEF for Tsunami Relief
KidsCare Initiative

Schaumburg Barn Senior Project

Share A Smile volunteers have donated essential items as needed by the resident seniors and contributed to various drives such as the Holiday Gift Drive.